Christine Hajek, President and Founder of Gentle Giants

Christine is the proud adopter of Twister and Heidi and Foster-Mom to Buckshot.

You can reach Christine at or

Jamie McIntosh, Secretary

You can reach Jamie at
or by calling 443-463-7084

Kelly Double, Member - Board of Directors

Kelly serves on the Board of Directors and also volunteers his time and expertise training some of the more difficult horses who enter the rescue.

You can reach Kelly at
Kelly is also the proud adopter of Abby!

Shelby Broos, Adoption Coordinator and Professional Trainer

Contact Shelby for information about our adoption program, or to schedule an appointment to meet an adoptable horse.

You can reach Shelby at

Julia Brown, Community Outreach Coordinator

Contact Julia for questions about volunteering opportunities, group work days, tours, or team building opportunities.

You can reach Julia at