Gentle Giants is funded solely from donor support and our adoption fees, so Sponsors go a long way in keeping our barn doors open and the hay loft full. When at full capacity, it costs over $6,000 a month just to feed the horses in our care. Add on the Veterinarian, the Farrier, and other bills like electricity, and keeping the truck and trailer running and it all adds up. Gentle Giants has a volunteer based staff, so you can be certain your funds are going where they belong- directly to the horses.

Sponsorships can be a one time gift, or may continue until the horse you support is adopted. We offer several levels of Sponsorships:

We always welcome visitors (by appointment) and encourage you to spend some time with "your" horse.

How Do I Sponsor a Particular Horse?

There are several options available. If a horse is listed as needing a Sponsor, you can simply donate the Sponsorship amount you desire via PayPal, noting that the donation is for that specific horse. We will contact you via email quickly to confirm we received the Sponsorship. We will verify if you wish your gift to be recognized on the web site before posting your name.

Who do you want to sponsor?

Additionally, Sponsorship donations can also be mailed to the rescue at:

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
17250 Old Frederick Road
Mount Airy MD 21771

When Sponsoring via mail, please email or call in advance to make certain we are not currently processing another Sponsorship on that particular horse.